Hallmark Properties

A 37,000 sq.ft. freezer facility was one of a series of food processing plants for Hallmark Poultry Processors, on a tight urban site. An attractive cladding and trellis detailed exterior encloses a technically complex system of blast and holding freezers, with loading docks from the lane, all set over a full level of underground parking and storage.

The second building is a 2 storey extension to a processing plant, that includes a sophisticated cooler system and loading facilities.

The third building houses a state of the art freezer facility as well as the corporate offices.

Project Details
Client: Hallmark Poultry Processors
Site 1: Vancouver, BC
Building 1 Area: 37,000 sq. ft.
Site 2: Vancouver, BC
Building 2 Area: 26,847 sq. ft.
Site 3: Vancouver. BC
Building 3 Area: 105,359.30 sq. ft.